Restaining the Master Cabin's Deck at Camp Silver Fir


As you may have read in our previous post, our very own Paul Dutton helped to build, and paid for, the entire deck of the master cabin at Camp Silver Fir near Huntington Lake in the High Sierras of Central California.

The Boy Scouts’ Camp in the High Sierras

Paul and other volunteers of the Verdugo Hills Council go up every Memorial Day Weekend to open the camp for the Boy Scouts of America. He and other volunteers then return every Labor Day Weekend to close the camp until the next season.

Camp Masters' cabin at Camp Silver Fir

Camp Masters’ cabin at Camp Silver Fir

Paul Dutton as Camp Master

As Paul explained, there are over thirty men that take turns as Camp Master each season, based on their points status. Since Paul has been involved with the camp for over forty years, he has one of the highest point totals. Whomever has the highest point total gets first choice of the week they want as Camp Master.

Re-Staining the Master Cabin’s Deck at Camp Silver Fir

Campmaster's Cabin deck at High Adventure Camp Verdugo Hills Council BSA

Campmaster’s cabin deck at High Adventure Camp Verdugo Hills Council BSA

This year they noticed that the deck needed to be restained, which seems fitting since it has been at least four years since it was build. Paul has just returned from a week at the cabin where did just that, as well as attend to his other duties as Camp Master which include watching over any gear and vehicles that are left behind at this high adventure hiking camp.

Where would you like to spend your week as camp master?

Please share in the comments section below, or on our facebook page.

CERT Comes to GUSD for Earthquake Training

June 2013 CERT GUSD earthquake training

June 2013 CERT GUSD Earthquake Training

The front page of the July 04, 2013 issue of the Crescenta Valley Weekly highlights a photo by our very own Lisa Dutton with the caption “GUSD members surround “victims” during an earthquake scenario as part of their CERT training”! How awesome is that?! Almost as awesome as the reason she was there to take this photo.

Earthquake Preparedness

“In preparation for a potential major disaster, 41 Glendale Unified School District (GUSD) principals and administrators received a three-day course in Community Emergency Response Training (CERT). The CERT program is intended to aid the public in the midst of a disaster, when emergency services may not be readily available. While first responders might be unable to aid due to a variety of factors such as road blockages or a lack of communication stemming from technological failures, CERT training emphasizes the development of self-reliant skills.”

Earthquake Training

“With help from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Crescenta Valley Station, CV CERT coordinators Paul and Lisa Dutton guided the GUSD staff through different scenarios, teaching them what they could expect and what they should do if the schools were stranded from the safety net of emergency services during a major crisis…the Duttons have coordinated CERT training sessions in La Crescenta for years, Paul called this session with GUSD the “most important and biggest” of all.”

“The Duttons provided a crash course on CERT basics: search and rescue operations, medical operations and triage, disaster psychology and even what to do in the event of a terrorist attack. The principals will have to take what they learned and adapt those lessons to their respective schools.”

“The training sessions culminated in a simulated post-earthquake disaster area. The principals and administrators employed their newly learned skills as they “rescued” students suffering from gruesome, artificial injuries, some in faux-unconscious states. The school district representatives were tested with various disaster response situations and graduated from their CERT training, with 24 hours of training under their belts.”

Are you prepared for an earthquake?

If not and you are interested in CERT training, please call our office to speak with Paul or Lisa Dutton.  You can also see all 20 of the photos from this training on our facebook page.

In the meantime, please review our prior post that provides a disaster preparedness kit.

Southern Californians Must Always Be Prepared for an Earthquake!

Demonstration of our Regular Service

YouTube Preview Image

An example of a regular service from Paul’s Professional Window Washing.

Paul’s Professional Window Washing Inc. has been specializing in residential window cleaning for 30 years offering a clearly superior service to the greater Los Angeles Area.

Paul’s rigid standards of excellence have always ensured the job will be done right! Paul’s has been the #1 rated window cleaning company in Los Angeles for the last 5 years now with the “Franklin Report”. Paul’s reputation has landed him many celebrities like, Keanu Reeves, Mathew Perry, Miley Cyrus, Kevin Costner, Nicholas Cage, Robert Redford, Pierce Brosnon and more.

Paul’s Professional Window Washing Inc. has the experience, the equiptment and the expertise combined with the highest levels of professionalism in the window cleaning industry today. We specialize in window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning and screen repair for your home or business in the greater Los Angeles County area.

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  • Gutter & Roof Cleaning Gutter & Roof Cleaning Your gutters are a very important part of your home or business.

Contact Information

2707 Foothill Boulevard
La Crescenta, CA 91214

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