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Finally, a truly professional window washing service for your home! Paul’s Professional Window Washing has been specializing in homes like yours for 30 years. Paul’s is the company you can trust in your home with over 20,000 satisfied customers.


The P.P.W.W. crew gets the job done right, the first time and remains the most experienced, well-trained, uniformed, licensed and insured crew to work inside your home.  This is why Paul’s has over 50 celebrities for clients: they know Paul is the one to trust!

Paul’s Professional Window Washing has set the highest standards for professionalism within the industry. All of Paul’s crew are personally trained by Paul himself. Paul’s standards of excellence combined with a final inspection with the customer on every job has earned him the ranking as Los Angeles’ #1 ranked Window Cleaner for 10 years now.

Paul’s professionalism and reputation has landed him Walt Disney studios, the Walt Disney family, and other celebrities like Keanu Reeves, Matthew Perry, Miley Cyrus, Kevin Costner, Nicholas Cage, Robert Redford, Pierce Brosnon, Barry Bond, Johnny Mountain and many more.

It’s the little things that ensure a job done right. We take the time to wash down your house and rinse it clean. We’ll put towels out at all the doors to wipe our feet, keeping one guy inside and one guy outside so we don’t track dirt into your home. We protect your furniture, carpet, and flooring with sheets inside and always remove our shoes. We take off all the screens, wash them, and reinstall when finished. A job is only deemed complete after a final inspection with our customers to make sure all is perfect before we leave. We get the job done quickly and professionally so you can get on with your day!


A rated company with the Better Business Bureau for 10 years

10 year honoree and past Board Executive and Regional Director for the IWCA

Have been rated the number 1 Window Cleaner in Los Angeles for 5 years running

Past President and 7 year Board Member, accommodations of “Business of the Year” and Honorary mayor Award


  • 30 years of professionalism
  • 30 years of experience
  • 20,000 satisfied customers
  • Paul personally trains all his employees
  • All employees go thru background checks

Fully Insured:

Wouldn’t you feel more secure knowing that you couldn‘t be sued if a worker in your home got hurt? Paul’s Professional Window Washing (PPWW) Inc. is a Fully Insured Company carrying Liability Insurance. All Workers are covered under Workman ‘S Compensation Insurance. All of employee’s are covered and are not pseudo subcontractor. We do this to protect our customers and to alleviate that one concern of ”What If?”

Our Full Service:

Pau|’s Professional Window Washing has SPECIALIZED in Residential window cleaning in homes just like yours for 30 years.

We start by putting towels at all your doors to wipe our feet, and then we take our shoes off when we go inside, and sheet off the window area to protect your flooring, carpets, and furniture. We always keep one guy in and one guy out- that way the dirty feet stay outside. Next We take off all your screens and wash them with soap and water and hand dry them.

Then we wash down your house with Ultra Clean deionized soft water it’s like a spa treatment for your house. Then finally we wash your Windows with our proven franchise HELPS KEEP YOUR WINDOWS CLEANER LONGER.

That’s right we actually give your Whole house an EXTERIOR WASH washing off your walls, your stucco, your wood work, eyes, and shutter. This is all apart of REGULAR SERVICE before we even start on your Windows, You can always find a cheaper job but you won’t find a better one!


  • 10 year Honoree of the Internationai Window Cleaning Association
  • Accommodations from Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich
  • Honorary Mayors Award for “Business of the Year” in 2003
  • Glenda|e’s Character and Ethics Award for ‘Outstanding Business’ in Glendale.
  • Past President and Vice President of the Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • Kiwanis
  • Relay for Life
  • L.A.S.D.
  • C.E.R.T


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      I’m so sorry for the late response. Feel free to call our office and we can schedule a date where I can come by and give you an estimate in the future.
      Office Number: (818) 249-7917

      -Paul (Owner)

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2707 Foothill Boulevard
La Crescenta, CA 91214

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