Window Washing Tips and Tricks: 12 Reasons to Hire an Expert


If you’re cleaning your own windows, let go of that time consuming chore!
Don’t worry about an old rag or over-the-counter window cleaner. Instead, hire a professional window washing and cleaning company with proper tools to not only clean your windows, but also make them shine.

Most people spray chemicals on a window and wipe. That always leaves smears, streaks, and spots. Window cleaning, or window washing, removes dirt and grime with no residue.

Here’s 12 reasons why its not a good idea to clean windows on your own:

1. A window washing expert has the required tools and expertise to make them look like new. Window cleaning is an excellent example of the old saying “Just because you can do it yourself, doesn’t mean you should do it yourself.”

2. Professional window washers will be able to easily handle the hard to reach windows so you don’t have to. If you haven’t cleaned your windows in a while, then it’s time for window washing!

3. Sometimes you don’t recognize spots because you get used to seeing them. You’ll be surprised to see the difference after your windows are washed or cleaned by a professional window washer.

4. The finished look of your windows enhances your property value and it looks incredible. You will feel proud when friends or family come over.

5. Generally, window washing services are affordable; it can squeeze into most any budget easily. You can compare the service quality with the price to identify the best deal. But remember, something that is cheap is rarely the best. You can go through service reviews to get an overview of the service.

6. Small or large, easy or hard, all types of residential windows are cleaned by professional window washers.

7. You should hire a licensed, bonded, and fully insured window washing company because a licensed company knows how to satisfy their clients well.

8. A professional window washer will know how to handle the tough jobs because it is something they do regularly, whereas you only do it occasionally (or rarely).

9. You could rent or buy the equipment and chemicals, but then you’d have to correctly and safely use them to avoid damage. If you have never done it, then it’s better you don’t do it, since experimenting can cause damage to your valuable items.

10. Window washing should be done by an expert. Accidentally misusing a homemade cleaning kit could cause expensive damage. A professional is experienced: they will know what to use and how to use it to get the best result.

11. Don’t worry. Don’t stress. Let the professionals do their job. You get to enjoy the results!

12. The window washers will not take up a lot of space. If you’re worried about misplaced items, they will put everything back in its proper place.

Window washing may sound very simple, but it is hectic and tiresome in reality. So, hiring a professional for this task will save you time and effort, and it’s affordable, too. Your windows will look great again!

So, if you are in the greater Los Angeles area, give us a call and get us
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Is it Your Roof or Your Gutters Leaking?


Here is an all too frequent story after a rainstorm like we recently had throughout southern California:

You go to bed, enjoying the sound of the rain falling on the roof and grateful that you are inside your home where it is warm and dry.

However, when you wake up, and step into your living space, you discover a puddle of water.  You rush to find a bucket, or a pot, and a few towels.  As you are rushing around, you discover another puddle.  And, as the rain continues, new wet spots appear.

In your head you are already having a conversation with your favorite roofer who reminds you that his crew won’t come out until the rain stops.  And, you are seeing the dollar signs rush out the hole as quickly as the rain is coming through it.

Clearly it doesn’t do you any good to have this conversation only in your head, so at some point you do call your roofer to set a time for him or his crew to come check out your situation.

Someone we know had this same situation.  Their favorite roofer would, indeed, only come out during a break in the storm.

However, he did provide a bit of potential good news:  It is quite possible that there wasn’t actually a leak, but rather clogged gutters.

How did their gutters get so clogged already?  Well, they never had us come out to clear them after the fall leaves fell.  The leaves in the gutters created a dam.  As the rain continued to pour into the gutters, the water had nowhere to go except to seep through various seams like above the sliding door, through a light socket, and where the ceiling meets the wall.

Want some more good news?

We will come and inspect your gutters for free.

We’ll even come out for emergency gutter cleaning DURING the rain!

Check out all the details on our flier:

gutters leaking

Free Gutter Inspection


Repairing a Screen Door

YouTube Preview Image

Paul’s Professional Window Washing (800.676.7917) also provides professional screen repairs. We can re-screen your windows and doors. Rather than buying a brand new screen, we will re-screen it for you by saving the screen door and save you money.

Paul’s professionalism and reputation has landed him many celebrities like: Walt Disney and Family, Keanu Reeves, Mathew Perry, Miley Cyrus, Kevin Costner, Nicholas Cage, Robert Redford, Pierce Brosnon, Barry Bond, Jonny Mountain

  • Exterior House Detailing Exterior House Detailing We will rinse your entire house with ultra clean deionized soft water that won’t leave any water spots.
  • Power Pressure Washing Power Pressure Washing We can Pressure Wash your Patios, Balconies, your Exterior siding, your Decking and even your Patio furniture to make it look like new again.
  • Screening Screening We can handle all your screening needs custom screening trailer and can rescreen many time with the same day service.
  • Gutter & Roof Cleaning Gutter & Roof Cleaning Your gutters are a very important part of your home or business.

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