Life Rolls On


life rolls onPaul has now joined a group called Life Rolls On. This is an amazing organization that gives paraplegics the chance to surf in the ocean like they once could. This group was started by a man who used to be a surfer and then became a paraplegic himself. After sometime he realized that he wanted to get back out into the water. With the help of a few of his friends he was able to enjoy surfing and being in the ocean. This experience sparked the idea for him to create the organization, Life Rolls On, which now allows everyone to experience the same joy he did of finally getting back into the water.


Crescenta Valley September 11th Parade


9/11 Parade

Here is Paul, Lisa and their daughter Jennifer riding in the Crescenta Valley September 11th Parade representing CERT! It is quite the site to see driving around town past the Fire Stations and schools seeing the children out in support waving the American Flag. Many of them not even born yet when this tragedy occurred. As Paul and his family drove around they made sure to thank all the Fire Fighters, Sheriffs and Police for their service to our nation. May we never forget September 11th, 2001.

antonovichLater that night at the second half of the Crescenta Valley September 11th festivities, Paul and Lisa met with Mike Antonovich.

Winter is Here!


Have you checked your gutters? If you haven’t been up the ladder to see yourself, call Paul at (818) 249-7917 today for a free check. Keep water out of your foundation, away from your eves, and stop those mosquitoes before they ever get a chance!

This Holiday season, let Paul put up the lights and save yourself the headache and during the month of January, get 10% off window and gutter cleaning. Happy Holidays!

Celebrating Employees Who Volunteer


Maybe because our last few blog post have focused on our own Paul and Lisa Dutton, employees who volunteer, a Monster article caught our eye:

“Boost Morale by Celebrating Employees Who Volunteer”

The article correctly states that employees who volunteer typically do not do so for the recognition, but it wouldn’t hurt either.

The article provides five suggestions:

  1. Combine volunteering with other events. For example, if you have a fitness initiative, include a 5K walk/run for a cause whose mission speaks to you (like, maybe, Relay for Life?!)
  2. Celebrate participation publicly. Use your corporate bulletin board or intranet to let colleagues and supervisors know what organizations you support and how. Perhaps there are others who would also be interested in supporting your favorite organization. Perhaps you could create a corporate team?! (we use our blog…do you have a way to submit a post to your marketing department so you could provide a guest blog?)
  3. Make sure corporate leaders recognize as well. No, most do not volunteer for the recognition, but when recognition comes from corporate leadership, it sure feels extra good. Paul and Lisa are our corporate leaders, but we like to join in too!
  4. Mix up the way you recognize volunteers. Just as each employee is motivated by different recognition, so are different volunteers. An annual celebration for all that volunteer is excellent. As is recognizing some in the act of service. Some might appreciate the public recognition on your corporate blog or website.
  5. Don’t forget the ones who volunteer for you. Ok, in the corporate world we do not usually call them “volunteers” but rather Unpaid Interns. Let us recognize them so that they continue to spread the word about what a great corporate citizen we and our employees are.

What do you do that the article missed?

What do you wish your company would do more of?

Please share in the comments below, or on our facebook page.

And, if you found this post of interest, please share it with your network so that your friends can join the conversation!

Is it Your Roof or Your Gutters Leaking?


Here is an all too frequent story after a rainstorm like we recently had throughout southern California:

You go to bed, enjoying the sound of the rain falling on the roof and grateful that you are inside your home where it is warm and dry.

However, when you wake up, and step into your living space, you discover a puddle of water.  You rush to find a bucket, or a pot, and a few towels.  As you are rushing around, you discover another puddle.  And, as the rain continues, new wet spots appear.

In your head you are already having a conversation with your favorite roofer who reminds you that his crew won’t come out until the rain stops.  And, you are seeing the dollar signs rush out the hole as quickly as the rain is coming through it.

Clearly it doesn’t do you any good to have this conversation only in your head, so at some point you do call your roofer to set a time for him or his crew to come check out your situation.

Someone we know had this same situation.  Their favorite roofer would, indeed, only come out during a break in the storm.

However, he did provide a bit of potential good news:  It is quite possible that there wasn’t actually a leak, but rather clogged gutters.

How did their gutters get so clogged already?  Well, they never had us come out to clear them after the fall leaves fell.  The leaves in the gutters created a dam.  As the rain continued to pour into the gutters, the water had nowhere to go except to seep through various seams like above the sliding door, through a light socket, and where the ceiling meets the wall.

Want some more good news?

We will come and inspect your gutters for free.

We’ll even come out for emergency gutter cleaning DURING the rain!

Check out all the details on our flier:

gutters leaking

Free Gutter Inspection


La Crescenta Window Washer's 32 Year Celebration


La Crescenta Window Washer's 32 Year Celebration

My wife asked me what I want for Christmas the other day.  Upon careful reflection I realize I didn’t even remember what I got last year.  So I wrote out a different list this year.  To hope for my wife to be healthy and to always be by my side.  For my daughter to return home safely from the University of Colorado for Christmas!  For my mom to be able to do what she loves and to stay out of the ER and for my family to be reunited around the dinner table on Christmas Day!

Jennifer tells us to stop whining about our 30 degree weather here in LA, when Boulder Colorado is a minus 11 degrees.  I can’t believe she is a junior this year!

Lisa continues to volunteer full time with the Sheriff’s and is currently working on the Sheriffs Food and Toy Drive.

I continue to work with the Sheriffs and CERT Program as well as the Red Cross.

Lisa and I had the privilege to train all 41 principals for the Glendale School District in CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) this summer.  Both Lisa and I continue our training Red Cross.  This year, I have been chosen to be the Red Cross Ambassador for Crescenta Valley.  I will be working the Rose Parade as a Red Cross Emergency Medical Responder.  Lisa and I also had the pleasure of coaching some Robotics’ Teams in Natural Disaster Preparedness, which was the theme in their competitions this year.

The joke this year has been, in my spare time I run the business.  Thanks for letting us be your window washing guys and keeping food on our table.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.  Have a safe and warm Holiday Season with your family.

From our family to yours since 1981,
Paul, Lisa, Jennifer and Staff

PS  There’s still time to get your windows done for Christmas.  If you like, we are offering our 10% off January special!

  • Exterior House Detailing Exterior House Detailing We will rinse your entire house with ultra clean deionized soft water that won’t leave any water spots.
  • Power Pressure Washing Power Pressure Washing We can Pressure Wash your Patios, Balconies, your Exterior siding, your Decking and even your Patio furniture to make it look like new again.
  • Screening Screening We can handle all your screening needs custom screening trailer and can rescreen many time with the same day service.
  • Gutter & Roof Cleaning Gutter & Roof Cleaning Your gutters are a very important part of your home or business.

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