Life Rolls On


life rolls onPaul has now joined a group called Life Rolls On. This is an amazing organization that gives paraplegics the chance to surf in the ocean like they once could. This group was started by a man who used to be a surfer and then became a paraplegic himself. After sometime he realized that he wanted to get back out into the water. With the help of a few of his friends he was able to enjoy surfing and being in the ocean. This experience sparked the idea for him to create the organization, Life Rolls On, which now allows everyone to experience the same joy he did of finally getting back into the water.


Crescenta Valley September 11th Parade


9/11 Parade

Here is Paul, Lisa and their daughter Jennifer riding in the Crescenta Valley September 11th Parade representing CERT! It is quite the site to see driving around town past the Fire Stations and schools seeing the children out in support waving the American Flag. Many of them not even born yet when this tragedy occurred. As Paul and his family drove around they made sure to thank all the Fire Fighters, Sheriffs and Police for their service to our nation. May we never forget September 11th, 2001.

antonovichLater that night at the second half of the Crescenta Valley September 11th festivities, Paul and Lisa met with Mike Antonovich.

Celebrating Employees Who Volunteer


Maybe because our last few blog post have focused on our own Paul and Lisa Dutton, employees who volunteer, a Monster article caught our eye:

“Boost Morale by Celebrating Employees Who Volunteer”

The article correctly states that employees who volunteer typically do not do so for the recognition, but it wouldn’t hurt either.

The article provides five suggestions:

  1. Combine volunteering with other events. For example, if you have a fitness initiative, include a 5K walk/run for a cause whose mission speaks to you (like, maybe, Relay for Life?!)
  2. Celebrate participation publicly. Use your corporate bulletin board or intranet to let colleagues and supervisors know what organizations you support and how. Perhaps there are others who would also be interested in supporting your favorite organization. Perhaps you could create a corporate team?! (we use our blog…do you have a way to submit a post to your marketing department so you could provide a guest blog?)
  3. Make sure corporate leaders recognize as well. No, most do not volunteer for the recognition, but when recognition comes from corporate leadership, it sure feels extra good. Paul and Lisa are our corporate leaders, but we like to join in too!
  4. Mix up the way you recognize volunteers. Just as each employee is motivated by different recognition, so are different volunteers. An annual celebration for all that volunteer is excellent. As is recognizing some in the act of service. Some might appreciate the public recognition on your corporate blog or website.
  5. Don’t forget the ones who volunteer for you. Ok, in the corporate world we do not usually call them “volunteers” but rather Unpaid Interns. Let us recognize them so that they continue to spread the word about what a great corporate citizen we and our employees are.

What do you do that the article missed?

What do you wish your company would do more of?

Please share in the comments below, or on our facebook page.

And, if you found this post of interest, please share it with your network so that your friends can join the conversation!

8 Years Volunteering at Relay for Life Events


Paul and Lisa Dutton spent last weekend at the Relay For Life Cancer Walk.
Paul and Lisa have been doing this event for 8 years,
sponsoring teams to raise money for cancer.

Is this the first you have heard of the Relay for Life events
to benefit the American Cancer Society? On their site you
can read about how the event was started in 1985 by
Dr. Gordy Klatt, what you can expect at each community
event and all the family friendly festivities like the
Survivors’ Lap at the beginning of every walk, the Luminaria
Ceremony which takes place after dark, and the emotionally
powerful Fight Back Ceremony.

Also on the American Cancer Society site, you can learn all of
the projects that the funds are raised to support, such as cancer
research, Hope Lodge (which provides affordable accommodations for
cancer patients that are receiving treatment far from home), the
Road to Recovery program (which provides trained transportation to
and from cancer treatment), the Look Good..Feel Better project (a
free service that teaches cancer patients make-up techniques so they
can look better than they sometimes feel), and the Reach to Recovery
program that partners breast cancer patients with breast cancer survivors.

Paul and Lisa have always volunteered for their local Relay for Life
Hope Event as Red Cross Aiders and C.E.R.T.
(Community Emergency Response Team)

Responders, just in case there should be any medical problems
during the 24-hour event.

Paul and Lisa have been volunteering as First Aid Responders
at community events like the 5k Run, Montrose’s Arts and Crafts
events, Hometown Country Fair and, of course, Relay For Life.
Together Paul and Lisa have logged over 5,000 hours as C.E.R.T.
Coordinators and Program Managers in the Crescenta Valley.

So, have we inspired you to take part in your community? Both
Paul and Lisa would be happy to spend a few minutes exploring ways
for you to get involved at an event in your area.

Lisa Dutton: Sheriff Volunteer of the Year


What do you do in your off time?
Where do you volunteer your time?

If you have read some of our past blog posts,
or social media posts, you know that Paul and Lisa
Dutton volunteer a lot of their time within their local community.

Lisa Dutton, an 8 year veteran as a Sheriff Volunteer,
has put in over 2,500 Volunteer hours with the
Los Angeles Sheriff Department (L.A.S.D.).

Lisa was selected out of 68 volunteers to be the
“Sheriff Volunteer of the Year”.

Lisa volunteers out of the Crescenta Valley Station for the L.A.S.D.
and has been working diligently with Captain Bill Song, Sargent Brink and
Deputy Valdivia to help facilitate all the Community Relations Programs.

Lisa works and helps plan and organize such events as
the Sheriffs Annual Food and Toy Drive as well as National Night Out,
Rummage Sale and Sheriffs Open House events.

Lisa also heads up the L.A.S.D. La Crescenta C.E.R.T.
(Community Emergency Response Team) Program. Crescenta
Valley C.E.R.T. was started by Lisa and Paul Dutton 8 years ago.
They have put on 18 trainings together, 5 Major Drills and
have trained over 400 people in the Crescenta Valley.

Lisa not only is a F.E.M.A. and L.A.S.D. Certified Trainer
for C.E.R.T., but also is a Certified Program Manager.

Lisa also is an Emergency Medical Responder (E.M.R.) with the Red Cross.
In her spare time, Lisa is also a Certified Red Cross First Aid Trainer
(whew, were does she find the energy?!).

Isn’t it obvious why they picked Lisa to be the Volunteer of the Year?!

What about you?
What volunteer opportunities have you participated in?
What organizations touch your heart?

Or maybe you are looking for a volunteer opportunity….
If so, feel free to give Paul or Lisa a call…they would
love to share their experiences with you and get you started!

Paul Dutton: Sheriff Volunteer on Patrol


Our own Paul Dutton is a Sheriffs Volunteer for
the Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept.(L.A.S.D.).

Paul, as a trained Sheriff Volunteer on Patrol (V.O.P.),
spends his Friday and Saturday nights out on patrol for
the Crescenta Valley Station.

On patrol, Paul does vacation checks for people on
vacation. They patrol and assist other deputies on
traffic accidents and call outs.

Many times, V.O.P.s are called out to help with
a Sheriff’s Incident, to help with traffic control or
crowd control.

Paul Dutton Volunteer Sheriff Deputy Valdivia

Deputy Valdivia with Paul Dutton at Food and Toy Drive

Paul has participated in the Station Fire, Station Fire Floods,
Flood Watch and notifications for evacuations, Parades,
civic events, 5k runs and, of course, the Sheriff’s Food and
Toy Drive where the above picture was taken.

According to the Sheriff Department site:

The primary objectives for the members shall be to prevent crime by mere presence, or identify public hazards. Members shall also act as the eyes and ears of the Sheriff’s Department by identifying suspicious activities, crimes in progress, or dangerous circumstances. The members shall not take action themselves, but shall notify the proper authorities for handling.

The Volunteers On Patrol members accept their mission to serve the community with the enduring belief that in so doing, they will maintain the high level of safety, quality of life, and the beauty of the community that everyone is entitled.

Paul has logged over 2,000 hours as a Sheriff Volunteer.

Paul is also a L.A.S.D. certified F.E.M.A./Homeland Security
C.E.R.T. Instructor and Program Manager for the C.E.R.T. Program
at the Crescenta Valley Station.

If you have an interest in learning more about
these programs and the volunteer opportunities
they provide, please check out the links above,
or call Paul directly as he’s always happy to
share stories of his experiences in the hopes of
inspiring you to join him on his next volunteer expedition.

Our 18th Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training!


Paul Dutton, Cerscenta Valley’s Head C.E.R.T. Coordinator, held his 18th class in Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training for the Crescenta Valley Church in February.

Paul is a Certified FEMA/Homeland Security Instructor for C.E.R.T. with the L.A.S.D. Program. With this 18th class, Paul and his wife, Lisa, also an instructor, have taught a total of 428 people in the C.E.R.T. Training in the Crescenta Valley.

Pastor Scott Wood and many of his fellow church members said, “What an incredible class and valuable training this is for our community!”

These classes are 24 hours of training on Emergency Preparedness in how to develop your own Family Disaster Plan, spread over a few days. Similar programs are taught nationwide and helps people understand that Emergency Services might be overwhelmed in a major disaster and you and your family may be on your own for several days. C.E.R.T. teaches you to be prepared for yourself, your family, you neighbors and your community.

Paul and Lisa have developed one of the best C.E.R.T. Programs in L.A. County with 10 Teams formulating up to 8 different locations throughout the area. Paul works closely with the Glendale Unified School Teachers as well with churches, C.V. Water District and of course L.A.S.D. and L.A. County Fire. Paul and Lisa have developed a program that encompasses all these agencies along with the Red Cross. Paul is also working with the Red Cross on helping find emergency shelters  throughout the Crescenta Valley.

Paul and Lisa have devoted over 5,000 volunteers hours to C.V. C.E.R.T. over 8 years and 18 trainings with 5 major drills. It is a widely respected C.E.R.T. Program within the community.

Are you prepared for an emergency?

If not and you are interested in CERT training, please call our office to speak with Paul or Lisa Dutton. In the meantime, please review our prior post that provides a disaster preparedness checklist.

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