Our own Paul Dutton is a Sheriffs Volunteer for
the Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept.(L.A.S.D.).

Paul, as a trained Sheriff Volunteer on Patrol (V.O.P.),
spends his Friday and Saturday nights out on patrol for
the Crescenta Valley Station.

On patrol, Paul does vacation checks for people on
vacation. They patrol and assist other deputies on
traffic accidents and call outs.

Many times, V.O.P.s are called out to help with
a Sheriff’s Incident, to help with traffic control or
crowd control.

Paul Dutton Volunteer Sheriff Deputy Valdivia

Deputy Valdivia with Paul Dutton at Food and Toy Drive

Paul has participated in the Station Fire, Station Fire Floods,
Flood Watch and notifications for evacuations, Parades,
civic events, 5k runs and, of course, the Sheriff’s Food and
Toy Drive where the above picture was taken.

According to the Sheriff Department site:

The primary objectives for the members shall be to prevent crime by mere presence, or identify public hazards. Members shall also act as the eyes and ears of the Sheriff’s Department by identifying suspicious activities, crimes in progress, or dangerous circumstances. The members shall not take action themselves, but shall notify the proper authorities for handling.

The Volunteers On Patrol members accept their mission to serve the community with the enduring belief that in so doing, they will maintain the high level of safety, quality of life, and the beauty of the community that everyone is entitled.

Paul has logged over 2,000 hours as a Sheriff Volunteer.

Paul is also a L.A.S.D. certified F.E.M.A./Homeland Security
C.E.R.T. Instructor and Program Manager for the C.E.R.T. Program
at the Crescenta Valley Station.

If you have an interest in learning more about
these programs and the volunteer opportunities
they provide, please check out the links above,
or call Paul directly as he’s always happy to
share stories of his experiences in the hopes of
inspiring you to join him on his next volunteer expedition.

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Contact Information

2707 Foothill Boulevard
La Crescenta, CA 91214

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