Paul Dutton at Camp Silver FirPaul Dutton has been a Campmaster at Camp Silver Fir for 40 years!  Paul goes up every Memorial Day to help open up the Boy Scout camp then returns on Labor Day to help close it.  Paul has been doing this almost every year for the last 40 years, helping out this Boy Scout Hiking Camp  as a Campmaster as well! Paul and his family will come up to the High Sierra camp to be Campmasters for a week to help Scouters at the camp. Paul has been bringing up his wife, Lisa, since they met and now brings up his daughter, too! It’s  been a family affair for almost 20 years!!

Paul himself came up to the camp when he was a young Boy Scout 45 years  ago, fell in love with the place and has been coming back  just about every year since.  Paul help build the new Hersch Lodge that is used by the scouters and Campmasters as well! Paul has been enjoying helping his fellow scouters for years and loves spending time at the camp!

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